Many people get confused about pensions and find them complicated to understand. A pension is, quite simply, a very tax-efficient savings plan for your retirement. The pension freedoms introduced in 2016 further simplified pensions, making them savings plans you can draw on as and when you wish once you are retired, enabling you to do the things you want to do when you retire.

When contributing to a pension you get full tax relief on any contributions made. This is effectively a contribution from the government to assist you in building up a fund for retirement. Over time this contribution is extremely valuable and can greatly reduce your tax bill.

We will offer you advice on how to build up a pension fund for your retirement and how to draw from it once you retire, always considering how to maximise the tax benefits and allowances on offer. If you have existing pensions, we will review these for you and make suitable recommendations.

To grow the assets within your pension, suitable investments will be recommended. You can find more information about investments here.