We will meet with you to discuss your objectives and aspirations. We will seek to understand what, if any, provision you already have made. We will also find out your views on investments and the risks you are prepared to take to achieve your goals.

Following our meeting, we will analyse any existing provisions that you have and find ways in which we can deliver a solution to help you meet your objectives. Depending on the complexity of the situation, we may have to speak with you again to set out the options available to you.

Once we have a clear idea of how we are going to help you achieve your objectives, we will provide a full written report setting out, in clear English, our recommendations for you. Where appropriate, this will include a full cashflow forecasting plan.

Provided you agree with our recommendations, we will then put everything in place for you. Where investments are to be made, we will ensure that all the funds are invested as agreed. All paperwork will be dealt with and confirmation provided to you.


Where appropriate, we will have an ongoing contract with you to review your financial plan and investments at regular intervals. At each review we will ask you to confirm any changes to your circumstances and objectives. We will then advise whether the existing plan remains suitable or not. Where changes are required, we will implement these for you.